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San Juanillo Beach, Costa Rica

Although Costa Rica is filled with amazing beaches, there is one particularly important beach you shouldn’t miss visiting in Costa Rica – San Juanillo Beach. If you’re someone looking forward to availing the true Costa Rican experience, San Juanillo Beach might be the best place to visit and enjoy with your loved ones.

And if it’s your first time planning a holiday to San Juanillo, Costa Rica, you’ve come to the right place. Follow this post and learn more about things to do in San Juanillo Beach.

San Juanillo Beach, Costa Rica – What to do?

San Juanillo is considerably a small village which makes the beach experience even more natural and traditional for nature enthusiasts. San Juanillo is situated in the North of Costa Rica with nearby cities Marbella, Ostional, Garza, and Nosara stretching towards the south.

The fastest route to get here is by air at the regional airport of Nosara. And when it comes to San Juanillo attractions, you wouldn’t be able to resist engaging in fun activities when wandering around San Juanillo. In fact, San Juanillo beach is certainly the perfect place to spend quality time in natural space – away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Things to Do in San Juanillo Beach

So, if you’re a beach lover but haven’t visited San Juanillo beach before, there is a bunch of things you can do. Following is the list of some interesting activities to near San Juanillo Beach:

1. Pura Vida Archery

Whether you’re an expert or newbie, archery is clearly a fun activity. Almost 1 mile away from San Juanillo Beach, you can participate in this wonderful family activity. Believe it or not, the thrill of using a bow to shoot arrows soothes your body and mindset – a must-do thing in San Juanillo Beach.

2. ATV Tours

  • Enjoy an excellent quad tour through the most beautiful places nearby.
  • You will be able to observe howler monkeys, birds, trees with more than 300 years, waterfalls, etc.

3. Horseback Riding

Enjoy an easy ride on local horses through the forest or along the beaches, going up to the hill top to see the beautiful view over the region and admiring the most amazing sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

4.  SIBU Wildlife Sanctuary

A few miles away from San Juanillo Beach, SIBU Wildlife Sanctuary is often visited by nature enthusiasts. It is a 60-acre jungle garden filled with wild Sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary works for orphaned, injured, and disabled wildlife. Open to visitors looking forward to learning more about Costa Rica’s wildlife. Live interaction is prohibited.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, San Juanillo Beach, Costa Rica is certainly an amazing place to visit with your friends, family, and colleagues. If you’re concerned about the stay, there are many hotels available nearby the beach. You get to experience the traditional activities of people of Costa Rica, such as wildlife, boating, surf and are enough to make your day.

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